Survival Rations, Sea Kayak Style

The supper menu from Saturday night’s paddle camping trip:

Granville Island pale ale, ice cold from a mini cooler.

vegetable and chorzio pasta topping

Rotini, served with fresh cut vegetables and coins of Chorizo sausage, lightly sautéed in virgin olive oil. Topped with fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano and toasted pinenuts.

a serving of portPure butter shortbread biscuits.

Dirty Laundry vineyards A Girl In Every Port

Aunty’s sticky toffee steamed puddings.

All seasoned with fresh sea air, healthy exercise and fine company.

Bagging A Bag Night

It’s been way too long since I’ve spent a night in a sleeping bag, so last Saturday afternoon I launched my kayak onto Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park.

kayak deck compass with sail reflection

The inflowing anabatic wind was funnelled and accelerated into a strong breeze by the lakeside mountains. So I was able to sail and paddle-sail my way to the lake’s north end in about three leisurely hours. With blue skies above and the soft sighs of cats-paws on the water, it was lovely going. Continue reading