A Mammal Trifecta: Deer, Otter and Orca

Recently, I got in a quick kayak voyage through our local and lovely Gulf Islands. In addition to great weather and excellent company, I enjoyed three animal encounters.

A deer grazes in the underbrush

On Cabbage Island, I watched a deer graze. It must have been commuting from one of the larger islands, since Cabbage is too small to support a herd. On the islands with permanent human populations, some residents consider deer to be, at best, venison-in-waiting, or at worst, vermin (they pilllage the gardens many islanders grow). But on this uninhabited islet, this doe foraged only for natural foodstuffs. 

otter on the beachDown on the beach, an otter had pulled out to groom and bask in the sun. I try not to over-anthropomorphize, but it was hard not humanize this little guy and imagine his thoughts: “That was a refreshing swim, time to wring out the bathing suit and catch some rays. Maybe seafood for supper again?”

Just off Prevost Island, I spend a happy half hour watching a pod of Killer Whales breaching, tail lobbing and spyhopping. Most of it was too far away for my pocket camera to catch well, but there were a couple of closer moments.

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